6 Free Printables for Book Lovers

Free book printables that every reader needs from book marks to reading lists!

One of the great mysteries in my reading life has always been where do all my bookmarks go?

I'm convinced they are somewhere in the great beyond where single socks, hair ties and Tupperware lids go to die. That's what I love having a stash of printable bookmarks that I can make at a moment's notice.

When searching for printable bookmarks you can find all sorts of awesome free printables that are essential for book lovers. Check out this collection of my six favorite free printables that you will love too!

Free Printables for Book Lovers

Reading Planner

This amazing 5 page reading planner is a must for book lovers!  It fits into your favorite planner (including Happy Planners), and has everything you need to keep your book lists, favorite quotes, and favorite books organized.

Get the reading planner here.

Book Planner Stickers

Whether you're in a book club, trying to remember you library due dates, or simply carving out some reading time, these book planner stickers are an adorable accent to any planner or calendar.

Get the book planner stickers here.

Book Club Bookmarks

Trying to keep track of your next book club meeting? Or when your library book is due? These cute bookmarks can be customized with a "read me by" date! And they are ready for you to color if you'd like.

Get the book club bookmarks here.

Book Discussion Questions

This is a fantastic list of 10 book discussion questions that work for any book! A must have for book club leaders, or readers who are looking to think more in depth about the books they have read.

Get the book club questions here.

Author Quote Bookmarks

I love these free printable bookmarks featuring quotes from J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and more. They are one of my favorite ways to keep my place, and they make a great gift for book lovers too!

Get the author quote bookmarks here.

Reading List

Need help keeping track of your to-read list? This free printable reading list is the perfect solution! Add it to your planner or calendar to keep track of books you want to read, and rate them after you're done.

Get the reading list here.

Click here to find all our book themed printables including discussion guides, book lists, and more.

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